adoption & breeding requests:

if you show petz bred by me please keep IF's in the prefix.
brexing, name changes, tree trims, or gender swaps are totally fine for bred petz. please do not edit hexed petz without express permission by me.
feel free to rehome/MPA bred petz unless expressed otherwise per litter, do not resell!
for hexed litters, please return unwanted petz to me, do not MPA.


Silver - Zinc - Platinum - Copper - Alloy - Magma

SGCh Maine Coon Litter! would love to see these guys
in the show ring but it's not required. everyone except
Platinum and Zinc have been brexed for matching eyelids
and to have white feet.
POL: Silver, love the eyes matching the stripes!
magma is a close second but i love grayscale pets ♥

Petite - Mini - Speck - Little - Itty - Tiny - Bitty

Mini Sheepie Litter. none of these guys get any bigger than
their parents, they're all selectively bred to make sure they stay tiny!
POL: Bitty. all white except for one polka-dot
on her nose. sob.

Latin - Gaelic - Greek - Germanic - Welsh - Slavic

Buncha scottie toes and brows in this litter! if youre
curious about any patches just ask! i believe the majority
have chest and snout patches.
POL: Gaelic